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Season long baseball bonuses are here! Check out who earned a bonus!

By on September 30, 2014

Tens of thousands of dollars just got paid out in bonuses. Now is the time to turn those bonuses into NFL athletes!

BATTERS- Even in what is considered a difficult year for batters, we have some HUGE bonuses going out to the traders. Imagine what this could of looked like if Stanton wouldn’t of gotten hurt? We also see Mike Trout vindicating traders who are willing to pay his high cost, and Jose Altuve vindicating my columns by showing he is one of the top batters on the market!

Trout $3.50
Altuve $3.50
M. Cabrera $1.50
Stanton $1.50
Bautista $1.00
M. Brantley $1.00
N. Cruz $1.00
Donaldson $0.75
L. Cain $0.50
Rizzo $0.50
Encarnacion $0.25
Frazier $0.25
Jones $0.25
Kinsler $0.25
Mc Cutchen $0.25
Pujols $0.25
Seager $0.25
Span $0.25
J. Upton $0.25

STARTING PITCHERS- Pitchers blew it away this year. It should surprise no one that the top of this list is Kershaw, Cueto, and Fernandez. We also see well earned big bonuses going to Sale and Wainwright. Great job to those top level pitchers and congrats to these owners who earned huge payouts today!

Kershaw $10.00
F. Hernandez $7.50
Cueto $7.50
Sale $5.00
Wainwright $3.50
Scherzer $1.50
Strasburg $1.50
Bumgarner $1.00
Cobb $1.00
Fister $1.00
Greinke $1.00
Teheran $1.00
Lester $1.00
Hamels $0.75
Zimmermann $0.50

RELIEVERS- Relievers went crazy in the market, with a huge percentage of them earning a season long bonus. While none of them reached the levels of batters or starters, they still managed to have a very solid year based on the number of relievers who paid out. Just think what may of happened had Champman not missed the start of the season?

Kimbrel $2.50
Holland $2.50
Chapman $1.50
Jansen $1.50
Clippard $1.00
Robertson $1.00
Ramos $0.50

Congrats to all traders who earned a bonus this baseball season. How are you going to use your new found money? Now is the best time to re-invest into the market.

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