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Monthly Baseball payouts

By on October 5, 2014

Lost in the whirlwind of huge seasonal baseball payouts, and the new and exciting NFL payouts, was the baseball monthly payouts for September. It was fitting that 5 pitchers earned an awesome $1 bonus this month, as the year of the pitcher on the jockbrokers market finished the way it started- With pitchers earning Jockbrokers members tons of cash! Not to be outdone and forgotten, a pair of batters managed a respectable $0.50 bonus with Matt Kemp and Miggy having a great finish. Congrats to everyone who earned bonuses over the baseball season!

Starting Pitchers
Kershaw $1.00
Strasburg $1.00
Francisco Liriano $1.00
Wainwright $1.00
J. Zimmermann $1.00
Fister $0.50
Gio Gonzalez $0.50
Felix Hernandez $0.50
Price $0.50
Cueto $0.25
Hamels $0.25
Lester $0.25
Shelby Miller $0.25


Miguel Cabrera $0.50
M. Kemp $0.50

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