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Jockbrokers Fantasy Market Watch 1-25-15

By on January 25, 2015

It’s been a while since I told you exactly who to buy, so today we just have a nice 6 person list of mlb buys. There’s serious money to be made here folks, I have been ahead of the curve on these guys more times than not. These are buys you need to make quickly. If you do not, they will be gone. If not by someone else, I will be purchasing these players myself.

Looking forward to the MLB season, one of my favorite up and comers is Kolten Wong. Wong struggled in stretches last year, but also had signs of becoming a great player. If his July and August were any indication of what is to come, he will be much more great player than struggling talent. Wong had 13 runs, 5 HR’s, 9 RBI’s and 6 Stolen bases in July on a .284 average, and had 15 runs, 4 HR’s, 10 RBI’s and 4 stolen bases in August with a .261 average. Lets not forget he is only 24, and was spending his first “real” time in the majors. If he can continue to improve going into next year, his $1.60 price tag is probably less than half of his real value.
Another Baseball player I have my eye on is Pablo Sandoval. He is one of the few players I believe is actually helped by the 2014 batter table. That is due to his already great post season stats with 84 Total bases and 41 runs+ rbi’s. This should greatly help his future hall of fame numbers. That and the young age he started at will help offset his semi limited production for seasonal averages. While his seasonal numbers with the redsox don’t stand to improve much, staying with a powerhouse club like the redsox will insure he should see the playoffs a few times in the next 5 years, to help improve his numbers. I believe Pablo will easily make the $5 table, possibly even the $10 or $20 depending on the length of his career. As such, his $1.50 price tag seems like a great bargain.

The guy I have my eye on as a bounce back candidate in baseball is Evan Longoria. Longoria has a couple of advantages. First most, he is on the 2013 Hall of fame table. As such, he is already on pace for a very good buyback, even if his career ends with his contract expiring in 2012. Given Longoria’s career numbers, he is on pace for a $20 payout, including his career worst numbers last year. I expect an uptick in these numbers, as the Ray’s have already identified, and corrected the problem with his swing that caused him to regress between this year and the last. I predict Longoria is back to his MVP conversation numbers in 2015, and that makes him a heck of a value at $7.
How do you like to gamble? If you are of the type who is willing to take aggressive risks, I have a potentially winning proposition for you. And that is Chris Davis. Listen, I know he was TERRIBLE last year, and had the steroids scandal. Without these things, there wouldn’t be this risk, or this opportunity. Keep in mind we are still talking about a baseball player that hit 26 home runs last year, and has hit 112 Home runs in the past 3 years. Even if Davis’s 2013 was a complete aberration, and he is closer to 2012 or 2013, he is still on pace to make the hall of fame table. His upside? Another 53 home runs, and he SKYROCKETS in price back to his previous $33 selling price. I have never seen a player crash so quickly. I feel at Davis’s $5 price, he represents a great opportunity to gain massive value in under a year. Even if you don’t sell him, I think he is certainly capable of earning huge dividends on the seasonal table. If he hits that 2013 number again, he is going to earn a $10 payout. Where else can you find that kind of potential on a $5 player? I think this is a risk worth taking.

Next we have a pitcher, and that pitcher is Jose Fernandez. Fernandez is coming off of a Tommy John surgery, and probably won’t earn you any serious money this year, as he is not expected to play until June. However, I don’t think you will ever have another shot at purchasing him this low. Fernandez was absolutely blowing batters up before his injury, and was one of the youngest players in the entire league. If you have never watched the kid pitch, do yourself a favor, and watch some of his footage on the internet. I will admit, I casually watch baseball most of the time. It is usually on in the background while I am doing other things. When something interesting is happening, or a player I am specifically interested in is on, I take a bigger look. However, when Fernandez was pitching I was absolutely GLUED to the TV. The only thing that really compared to it was Kershaw. Fernandez was that big of an artist. He absolutely attacks the batters. It is quite the amazing thing to watch. I firmly believe Fernandez getting this surgery out of the way at 21 will pave the way for his future success. At $13.75 a share, I think you are buying into a guy who could be worth $25 as early as next year, and who I think will finish his career closer to the $200 level than the $5.

Alright, Alright. Here is the one you know is coming on a baseball buys article from me. It’s once again, Bryce Harper. The mind numbing facts on Bryce Harper pile up over and over again. I have never been more sure I am right about something in baseball, as I am about Harper. First of all, when the season started last year, for the third year in a row- Harper was the youngest player in baseball. This year when he starts, Baez, and maybe a handful of other players will be younger than him. Including his re-hab stint this year, Harper has yet to face a professional pitcher who was younger than him. When Harper was rehabbing in High-A this year, he was one of the 20 youngest hitters in that league. When he moved up to Double-A? He was in the top 10 youngest in that league. He JUST turned 22. He is younger than many of the top prospects in baseball, including most peoples top prospect Kris Bryant. If you think Bryant is a $10 player- then remember Harper will already have 55 home runs on him when he enters the league this year. How can you value Harper any lower than that? Were you impressed with George Springers Rookie year with the Astros? I know I was. 3 years from now, Harper will be that old. Most guys this age would just be getting into the minors, not entering their 4th year in the majors. Also, I would argue outside of his injuries, he hasn’t even been all that bad. Take harpers name off of it. Now picture that a player has had some injury concerns, but managed to bat .270 and hit and average of 20 home runs a year, and you can expect them to be playing for at least the next 13 or 14 years. That’s pretty solid, even if Harper doesn’t manage to improve. The last thing I will leave you with is this. This is the list of players to hit 40 home runs before they reached 22 years of age. How many people on this list would you be disappointed buying at $10? Also take a look at the length of the list. That’s right. 18 people have done it in the history of baseball. Do yourself a favor, and bet on this kid.

• Mike Trout
• Mel Ott
• Ken Griffey
• Al Kaline
• Alex Rodriguez
• Jimmie Foxx
• Frank Robinson
• Mickey Mantle
• Ted Williams
• Vada Pinson
• Andruw Jones
• Johnny Bench
• Eddie Mathews
• Bryce Harper
• Tony Conigliaro
• Hank Aaron
• Adrian Beltre
• Giancarlo Stanton

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