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Jockbrokers Fantasy Market Watch 2-11-15

By on February 11, 2015

The middle of a sports season is usually when an athletes price rises to the highest, so it isn’t a good buying point. However, every single season there are guys who should be selling for more than their current price, due to hitting various points on the hall of fame tables, potential to earn bonuses, or even just the player being ignored by players on the market. Lets find those gem Basketball buys in this years table.

The most obvious candidate for a pickup right now is Tyson Chandler. Chandler has earned a bonus every month this year, and is on pace for a $2.50 or greater seasonal bonus. This alone doesn’t make his sell price of $20 that appealing, however the fact that he has already eclipsed the blocks and rebounds needed to be on the $20 hall of fame table, make this one of the best buys on the whole market! If Chandler can stay healthy and productive for a few more years, he could end up as high as the $50 level! Not bad for a guy with no downside. This is a solid buy in the $25 range.

Another one of my favorite buys is Ryan Anderson. Mostly, this is due to his low cost of entry at $2 a share. His share price has simply not rebounded from his scary neck injury last year. However, Anderson is having a very good bounce-back season where he could earn a low level bonus, and whats more important score more points bringing him closer to the 10,000 point threshold where his value will skyrocket. Anderson is a “3’s” guy who is amazingly accurate at the free throw line. If Anderson continues at this pace for long enough to get 10,000 points, it is very likely Anderson is a $50 player. That would be an incredible payout for a $2 pickup. I think Anderson is a good risk up to $5.

Stephen Curry is a much different case than these other two gentlemen. He is almost a lock for a $5 or higher bonus, with a $10 or $7.50 bonus seeming incredibly likely. Curry’s meteoric rise to a $90 player is much more indicative price point of where he should be than the $40 he previously sold for. Curry has earned bonuses year in, and year out, having yet to miss a bonus payout this year, and earned massive bonuses last year. This coupled with his extremely high chance to place well in the NBA tables based solely on 3 pointers made, and free throw percentage leads to what should be a $200 payout if Curry can have a decently long career. I don’t see this price dipping in the off season. I would buy Curry up to $100.

Anthony Davis is a player I have long recommended as a buy, and even after his rise to $35 a share, I feel that he is a great buy still. Davis has still dealt with some concerning injuries this year, however he has turned into one of the best players in the entire league, without question. Davis in on pace for a $5 or $7.50 bonus, if he can manage to play most of the games ahead, and not lose much time with his current shoulder injury, these payouts should help offset the high cost of him. The true advantage you get by purchasing Davis is his age. At only 21 years old, Davis is several years away from peaking in the league, and he is already earning huge payouts. You can expect these sort of payouts from Davis for at least the next 9 years, making him a huge bargain at under $50 a share.

Kyrie Irving is a player who’s talent somehow is being overlooked despite now playing on a much better team. Irving is only 22 years old, and he already is approaching 5,000 points in his career. While Irving hasn’t been as dominating in the stat sheet as similarly aged Anthony Davis, he is quite close. You can expect a $2.50 or better bonus from Irving this year, and many bonuses after it as he hasn’t even hit the prime of his career yet. At only $19.50, Irving is honestly a steal, and probably a better buy than even Chandler. Irving should be trading closer to $40 than $20.

What would you say the odds are that Kyle Korver scores 1,372 more points before he retires? If he does, he is immediately a $100 player. If he does so while shooting 132 more 3 pointers, he is now a $150 player. Both of these are assuming that he continues on his career average at the free throw line, but for a $35 investment, you can’t do much better. Couple that with the likely hood he earns a $2.50 or greater bonus this year, and you are in real good shape with your investment here. Unfortunately I think traders have caught on to his value, so expecting him to drop below $35 a share simply doesn’t feel likely. I would pick him up now while you can earn a bonus on your way to big payouts.

Damian Lillard has had a great run so far this season, earning two monthly bonuses, and heading towards a large payout of $3.50 or more when the season ends. This should have driven his price up in the market, but it really hasn’t. Lillard is trading at $30, despite trading at only $28 earlier in October. Lillard is in the prime of his career at 24, and should continue to put up good numbers before earning a great hall of fame bonus before he retires. I cant imagine a point where he again trades at a lower price than his bonus will put him at. Lillard is a good bet to trade at $35 or $40 by this time next year.

The last player I will be talking about picking up in this edition of market watch is big man Nikola Vucevic. The Orlando center, is way too far under the radar for his talent. The 4th year center was in the midst of a massive breakout before getting hurt last year. This year, he is playing even better. Vucevic’s price has shot up during the year, but it hasn’t even broached $10. Vucevic should earn a $2.50 or greater bonus this year, making his current $8 buy price just silly. Not to mention, the 24 year old seems to be on a path to huge future payouts. His real value should probably closer to $10-15.

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