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From $100 to $1,000 a Year Long Journey #2

By on March 12, 2015

So last week, we mentioned how lucky we would have to get to actually accomplish our goal of a 10x profit in one year. I went on at length about how we could not afford injuries during our attempt. Literally while I was writing my article, Hunter Pence my beacon of safety in a player gets hit by a pitch and BREAKS HIS ARM. He is done for 6-8 weeks Life is funny like that some times, as now we are in some real trouble already. Our choices are literally try to sell him at a loss, or hope he can earn some value back with some good monthly payouts. We are going to ride it out, and hope he gets real hot and earns some good value back during the year. At least for now.

So where do we go from here? Well first of all, we saw some shares of Anthony Rendon enter the market at $4 which I think is a great price. I decided to pick up two of those shares, and hopefully I am right in my analysis on him. Rendon broke out in a HUGE way last year, racking up 111 runs, 21 homers, 17 steals, and 83 RBI’s with a decent .287 average. Simply being a 20-20 candidate should provide us with some awesome baseball value. Now, if Rendon bats in the middle of the order, the steals might come down to 10ish, but the RBI’s should go up in the stacked nationals lineup. He also boasted a very good WAR and very low salary. This means his Salary Efficiency Ratio should be nice and low as well, which should help him move on up the tables!

We also had a couple of our long term buy orders- Adam Jones at $3, and Kyle Seager at $1 get sold to us. It doesn’t look like our buys of Rizzo, Gomez, or Chris Davis are going to be filled. I am going to try to buy one more share of Adam Jones and Kyle Seager, as well as renew my bids on Rizzo and Gomez for another week.

We also are going to try to sell our share of Edwin Encarnacion for 7.50, and one of our shares of Anthony Rendon at 6.50 to see if we have any bites as the baseball market is heating up. We need to generate capital any way we can this baseball season, and if that means flipping as many guys as I can for a few bucks profit, we are in.
Now there were some MAJOR changes in the nfl, with free agency, and as our next Market Watch will discuss, this means there is some serious cash to be made. Since we can’t afford Frank Gore, Russell Wilson, and Andre Johnson, we are going to target a share of Sam Bradford at $1, as the move to Chip Kellys up tempo offense should net us some serious gains if he can stay healthy.

We are also pretty excited about the other end of this trade. I’m not willing to put out bids for Foles yet, but that will be coming here eventually. I could not be higher on Nick Foles, I think the guy is among the most talented QB’s in the NFL, and could be a franchise savior in St Louis. Much like I do for Andrew Luck, and Peyton Manning, I target the weapons of QB’s I like. So I put out a buy order on Tavon Austin for $1, Jared Cook for $1, and Brian Quick for $0.25. We are keeping an eye on if Kenny Britt resigns here, because if he does we are snatching up shares of him at his current sell price. There is only a tiny bit of risk on these players, and if Foles is as good as I think he is, I am going to make a killing.
We are also keeping an eye on Demarco Murray and CJ Spiller. If Murray or Spiller end up avoiding Philly, New York, and New Orleans, we will be trying to pick up Mark Ingram, Chris Ivory, and Darren Sproles.

So our total funds are 33.55 with 14.93 waiting on potential buys. We have spent just over 50% of our buying power. This is a little more than I would like to spend so early, but we had to grab a good chunk of those Anthony Rendon shares while we had a chance. Baring injury, those will be a boon for us.

So to sum it up, we have the following players in our portfolio: 3 Shares of Alex Cobb, 3 Shares of Hunter Pence, 2 Shares of Anthony Rendon, and one share each of Brandon Belt, Adam Jones, Andrew McCutchen, Kyle Seager, and Edwin Encarnacion.

We have a pending buy orders on Carlos Gomez, Anthony Rizzo, Adam Jones, Kyle Seager, Sam Bradford, Tavon Austin, Brian Quick, and Jared Cook.

pending 2
This was a rough first week with the Pence injury, but baring any more broken arms we should have some positive momentum when the baseball season starts.

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