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From $100 to $1,000 a Year Long Journey #4

By on May 21, 2015

I’m back! I apologize for the huge delays between articles here for anyone following and interested in this. I have had some unexpected life changes that have really thrown me for a loop and didn’t leave me with much time to write. So without further ado, here is what we have done.

I have made a bunch of transactions obviously since the last post, and here they are-

I bought 3 shares of Kenny Britt. We did that as I think Foles will make him a STEAL at this price. I then bought 2 shares of Michael Brantley at $4, 1 share of Jose Bautista at $5, and 3 shares of Ian Kinsler at $2.50 with the announcement of the new batting tables. Guys who have high OPS, and don’t strike out a lot have a ton of value in the new system, meaning Brantley and Kinsler could be great payoffs. Bautista was a reaction to my Rendon and Pence injuries. He is a boom or bust guy, and I needed to swing for the fences so to speak.

I sold a share of Kyle Seager for $2.25, as getting more than double our money was more important than maximizing value here. He doesn’t get the greatest boost from the new tables as they don’t fit him as well as some others, so I am fine picking up some cash here.
I then picked up a share of Adrian Gonzalez at $3.50, after he belted 5 home runs in the first two games of the year. He was already at a pretty good price, so knowing how hot he was to start the season made it an easy call.

I then went ahead and spent almost all of our cash on IPR’s, as they can be a heck of a way to earn massive values. We picked up one Dickerson, 3 Duda, 3 Hutchison, and 5 Alex wood at $1. I am a big fan of Wood, so that is why there was the large number there. Then we made my favorite IPR bid- 3 shares of the criminally under-rated Sonny Gray at $3. The guy is serious business ladies and Gents. If the A’s weren’t so bad, he would be a top 5 Jockbrokers pitcher. Even with how bad they are, this is stealing.

That lead us to the April payouts. Right before the payouts came in, we made a move to try to earn a bit more. We sold our Adam Jones share for $8.10, a nice $5 profit, by far our best this year, for 3 shares of the silly underpriced Matt Carpenter, who was locked in at $0.50 a share for a bonus, but selling at $2.50

Our total bonuses were a bit under what we were hoping, but not bad:
Adrian Gonzalez $1, Matt Carpenter 3x 0.50- $1.50 Corey Dickerson, .25 and Sonny Gray 0.25 x3 $0.75

So $3.50 in one month of bonuses. April has been a slow month for us, as our funds are low, and there isn’t much action out there for us. I sold Alex Cobb at a loss for $.85 a share, as his tommy john surgery kills his value to us. There is no way he recovers enough value to hang on to between now and next march when I have to sell the portfolio. I also picked up one Andrelton Simmons at 1.25 and two at 1.50 based on his increased hitting prowess early on this year. His Dwar tends to get so high, that if he can just be an average hitter, we can make a killing at the seasonal payouts. I think he could even reach $2.50 a share. I have been eying a share of Goldschmidt for $8, but we are pennies away from being able to reach it, if we were willing to sell our 2 Carpenter shares for $3. If it got me a share of Paul, I would do it. However, I’d rather have Carpenter than anyone else I can buy with the money he would give me.

I will do my best to keep this much more up to date, and give many more details about any changes that happen between the next article. We are in some rough shape with all our injuries, but we will hopefully turn it around and get ready to make it up in football!

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