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From #100 to $1,000 A Year Long Journey #5 Big Time Bonuses!

By on June 19, 2015

So what has happened since our last article? Well we made a significant chunk of money with our May payouts that’s what!

So, as of our last article, we were holding steady, waiting to see if we could earn some big bonuses with our Matt Carpenter shares. We decided to turn the tables on that, making a HUGE move. Jason Kipnis as you may recall was having a giant May, with one of the silliest stat lines in baseball this year. However, on Jockbrokers Kipnis has been a bit of a joke. We cashed in on that joke, selling 2 shares of our hero Matt Carpenter at a slight profit at $3 (leaving us with 1 share) to get 4 shares of Kipnis at $1.50 a pop. When I purchased them, I thought he was pretty dang close to a lock for $1 in payouts, with $0.50 being a worst case scenario. Well, he did even better than expected earning a massive $1.50 a share bonus. WOW. That means the guy has already paid for himself! We also sold off our one share of Brandon Belt for another small profit at $3, clearing the way for bigger and better things, and ending our May transactions.

Our total May bonuses were great, looking like this:
Andrew Mccutchen .25
Jason Kipnis 1.5 x4 total of 6
Jose Bautista .25
Michael Brantley .50 x2 total of $1
And Sonny Gray .25 x3 for a total of .75

That’s 8.25 in bonuses! Over two months, we have earned 11.75 in bonuses, almost 10% of our initial investment. That’s not great, but it hopefully will help us build momentum towards big seasonal payouts, and flipping guys for more than we paid for them. If we can somehow manage to get a June anywhere close to may, we are in good shape.

This month, we have already spent all of our hard earned money from those bonuses. Picking up 3 shares of Manny Machado at $4 a share. The dark horse MVP candidate is in the midst of a breakout June, and hopefully he continues this rise and gets us a great bonus. If the month ended today, he would pay us out $0.25 a share, but I think he is primed to earn us at least $1 a share.

We are still really far behind overall, but we are making up ground like crazy. Getting Kipnis for what amounted to free has been a big boon for us. Injuries have really been our biggest downfall, coupled with our super stars Andrew Mccutchen, Anthony Rendon, and Michael Brantleys slow starts. I’m confident if we do not hit our goal, we will be close. I estimate the current value of our collection of players to be worth between 150-200 dollars. Smart, consistent, aggressive attacking of the market needs to get us to about $500 in value by the end of the football season to have a shot at a huge basketball season. Can we get there? With the right amount of luck, and huge second halves from our players it is very possible.

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