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From $100 to $1,000 a year long journey #6

By on July 19, 2015

This month has been a bit slow, as we don’t really have any cash, and what we do we are saving to make one big football move. However we still have a few things to talk about.

We earned 3.50 in monthly bonuses, and saw our players listed with some decent buy orders. Sonny Gray for example sold for $6, and at this moment there is a buy order out for Manny Machado for $6 as well. If I would have sold the Gray, that would have doubled my money. Machado would be close to doubling my money at that point.

However, I am not selling these players, because I think their performance at the end of the year will be worth more too much to sell that low. Here is a full list of how many points I estimate each of my players will be worth at the end of the year. I highly recommend doing realistic projections of your players performance before buying or selling. FanGraphs has great tools for this, as does ESPN. This gives you an idea of what you want to get for your players. There is obviously the risk of the player getting injured, but there is also the reward that they could perform better. Also remember this is a ONE YEAR bonus. You don’t have to give back the players at the end of the season, you can continue to earn bonuses or sell these players later.

Here are my projections at this point:

Adrian Gonzalez- 717 points $3.50
Andrelton Simmons 363 points
Andrew McCutchen- 710 points $3.50
Anthony Rendon 🙁
Corey Dickerson 🙁
Edwin Encarnacion 531 points $0.75
Hunter Pence 🙁
Ian Kinsler 500 pts $0.75
Jason Kipnis 704 pts $3.50
Jose Bautista 747 pts $3.50
Lucas Duda 204 pts
Manny Machado 1039 pts! $10.00
Matt Carpenter 454 pts $0.50
Michael Brantley 572 pts $1

Alex wood 246 pts
Drew Hutchison 331 pts
Sonny Gray 761 $3.50

If my calculations are correct, without selling another player I will earn $70.50 in total seasonal payouts On a $100 investment, and a bit I earned before hand. That’s a 70% payout in 3 months, and as I mentioned we get to keep our players! Considering how much I had riding on Anthony Rendon, Hunter Pence, and Alex Cobb before the season started- I think we are in real good shape. I actually think we may find a way to get to that $1,000 yet, as I have a few real good ideas for the football season- I just need the cash to execute.

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