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Exclusive early release! New NFL scoring tables

By on August 11, 2015

Today I have some of the most exciting news in the HISTORY of Jockbrokers. Or at least I think it might be. The staff over at Jockbrokers has reviewed the numbers, and heard our pleas. Defenders are getting easier. WR’s are getting a touch harder. Running backs, QB’s and TE’s are staying put. That’s right we have the same yearly tables again for all three of these categories! This is a great step forward for us as traders. But I haven’t even told you the best news yet. That is coming soon (yep I’m burying the headline!)

First of all, the only change to WR’s is on the seasonal table. In all, the table is about 73 points harder than it was last year. That is due to the following change. The replacement values for WR’s will move to the below:

500 all purpose yards and 40 Receptions
Don’t let this get you down. Take a look at the numbers some of the guys still would put up, adjusted for a point here or there I may have missed.

Dez Bryant– Best WR in the league in my opinion has a, 1085- $10

Demaryius Thomas– 1024 $10

Odell Beckham (in 12 games) 819 $5

Antonio Brown 1066 $10

My favorite WR on the market Julio Jones finished with a 520 points and a $.75 bonus despite only scoring 6 tds and fumbling twice. Overall, I think this change will help balance the market. Thats it, 4 game and HOF bonuses are the same!

On to the more exciting changes- The tables have gotten so much easier it should lead to a great improvement in the performance of defensive players. Here are the new replacement values:
DEF 4-Game 5 Assists
DEF Season 15 Assists, 3 sacks
DEF HOF 30 Sack, 15 FF, 7 FR, 15 INT, 20 Stuff

We also have an increase in point value for the following things:
Sack = 25
FF = 30
FR = 50
Stuff = 20
Blocked Kick= 80

Jockbrokers will also no longer be counting OFFENSIVE touchdowns. Special teams and defensive touchdowns will still be counted.

Now for the Bombshell- Are you ready? Jockbrokers has agreed to make the 2015 defensive hall of fame table applicable to ALL current 2014 defenders. This is a change Jockbrokers would normally NEVER do. However, since this is only increasing the value of all defenders, with no drawbacks to any part, they are helping out traders by streamlining the HOF table, and letting our players get an increase in value. How much of an increase? The HOF table is by my calculations 1150 points easier. Not to mention the week 4 and seasonal changes. This may be the best thing that has happened for traders in the history of the Jockbrokers market!

Now, what does this mean for the value of the players we have access to? Lets take a few cases. Since we looked at seasonal bonuses for WR’s, lets take a stab at the HOF changes for a few players on the market. Lets start with one of my favorite players in the game today. Von Miller. On the old table, he was at -2074 points. Needing over 3000 more to get a bottom level bonus, Now on the new tables he is at a much more respectable -974 points. If he can have a great career the rest of the way, he should finish with a decent bonus instead of the $5-10 one he was heading for.

Need another example? Lets take a look at Justin Tuck, a guy who was absolutely great for a portion of his career, average and injured for part of it, and now in the downside of his career. Tuck had 597 points, trending towards a $2, maybe- just maybe, $5 bonus. But now has already earned 1979 points on the table! Meaning if he retired tomorrow he is worth $2 bucks, and looks much more likely to squeeze out a $5 bonus. A $10 bonus isn’t completely outside the realm of possibility for him. This to me seems right about where he should be. Fantastic!

Clay Mathews- When healthy one of the best defenders in the league was earning -1317 points. That is a long ways to go still before he even earns $2. On the new tables? This amazing player has real earning potential, with 1043 points and already being at the $2 level.

Here are a couple of other guys current totals on the new system- Poor Mario Williams who has never played a playoff game (100 points a pop!) is already at 917 points. JJ Watt who might not even be human, is worth 1279 points at TWENTY FIVE years old. Can you say best buy on the market? These changes will absolutely turn the defensive player market on it’s head, so make your pickups ASAP!

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