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Teddy Bridgewater- The next $50 QB?

By on August 27, 2015

Lets talk for a few minutes about one of my new favorite players in the NFL. Teddy Bridgewater. First- let me get this out here. I was wrong about Teddy. Dead wrong. One of my biggest regrets from last year is not believing in Teddy at IPR. I missed the opportunity to make a HUGE profit on this guy. If you are a vikings fan out there, get excited, because I’m pretty sure Teddy is the most underrated QB on jockbrokers, and is on the brink of becoming one of the brightest stars in the NFL.

Let me make my case. Lets start with this- Teddy last sold at 5.75, and is currently selling at $10. From a market perspective, this puts him in the range of Andy Dalton, (9.75 and 11) Alex Smith (9.75, 9.75) and Ryan Tannehill (10, 12). I will tell you right now, Teddy is probably worth double of these guys, even on the tougher 2015 table. How the heck am I coming up with that you ask? Well, I think Teddy is headed for a $50+ bonus. Teddy was 21 as a starter in the NFL last year, and was pretty average as far as a rookie season goes in the NFL. He finished with a 64.43% completion percentage and 7.26 Y/a better than the much more touted Derek Carr, and also better than andy dalton. In fact he was better in both categories than Dalton ever was except one year where dalton had a 7.3 YPA. Keep in mind Bridgewater was a 21 year old rookie at this time. He also managed to post a better y/a than Alex Smith and Tannehill. In fact, as a rookie, he posted better than tannehill ever has in this category and was better than the 31 year old smith every year but once. Do I have your attention? Well maybe not. What if I told you “game manager” Alex smith has only topped that completion percentage twice in his career. I’d also like to point out that completion percentage number is better than the rookie seasons of guys we consider super stars- Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, and Russell Wilson. When we look at these numbers as a whole, it is painting us the clear picture of a potential star.

However, I think we can look a little deeper and be way more impressed. Over the last 5 games of the season, Teddy completed 101 of 140 (72 freaking percent!) for 1230 yards (246 per game) 8 touchdowns and 5 picks. They also won 3 out of those 5, and lost the others by two points each. Let me remind you this was a ROOKIE. Clearly this is a smaller sample, but just so we can put this on a scale of how good that stretch is. If he was able to do that for the whole season, he would be #1 in NFL history, above this list of the only 4 other guys to do that in the history of the NFL. Drew Brees, (twice) Ken Anderson, Steve Young, and Joe Montana. (props to another terribly under-rated QB, Romo with 69.9%). Is Teddy going to have a stretch like that for the entire season? Probably not, but I don’t know the domination he showed looking back on those games as a 21 year old is absolutely stunning. Teddy also clearly is going to have to score more touchdowns and rack up more yards. If that is your concern, I have a short list for you.

Adrian Peterson. Kyle Rudolph. Mike Wallace. Suspended, Injured, and not on the team. Adding these guys to Teddy’s immense talent, makes me think the sky is the limit for him. I really don’t understand how Teddy hasn’t got a bunch more play in the mainstream media, as he is poised to be this years largest breakout. If you look at the market for QB’s, it’s pretty clear the going rate for a “star” QB of the flavor of your choice is around $50.

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