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From 100 to 1000- The next big thing!

By on September 5, 2015

So last month I dropped a huge amount of money into Joseph Randle and Randle Cobb, hopefully jump starting my football bid for $1000. Since then, I have sold another share of sonny gray for $11. Sonny has been a great investment for me. I paid $9 bucks for 3 shares of him. Earned $2.25 in bonuses, and sold the 3 of him for $28.13 after jockbrokers cut. Not a bad deal! I also bought a share of Brian Mccann for $2.50 with this money, the thinking being he will earn a seasonal bonus the same as his price, or I could flip him quick for a profit.

I also had a great month for bonus payouts, picking up $.75 for my 3 shares of Drew Hutchinson, $.25 for the Brian mccann share I bought, $.50 for Andrew Muccutchen, $1 for my two shares of Micheal Brantley, $1 for Jose Bautista, a awesome $3 for my 3 shares of Ian Kinsler, and finally $2 for Edwin Encarnation destroying the tables. This brings our total baseball payouts to $25.25. Not bad considering I have another set of monthlies to go along with a seasonal payout.

In addition to the bonus payouts, I made a pretty controversial move. I sold a share of Manny Machado for $6, earning us a couple of bucks. I filled this buy order not because I think Manny is worth that little, but because his bat has cooled off, and I would rather have $6 for him now for football IPR’s than $2.50 or so for him later. I then sold another share of Manny for $10, which I think is a much better price for him. This means we still have one share of him left, and still have $3.16 in profits from selling the other two. That’s in addition to his bonuses we earned. Things appear to be turning around a good bit for us at this point! Finally, I was able to flip that Brian Mccann share for $4, earning us $1.12 and that quarter bonus in under a week. If only everything was that easy!

All these moves and bonuses leave us armed with a warchest of $36.22 for more football and soon basketball moves. We have a couple major IPR targets, and a few guys we are going to try to “steal” at IPR as well. In addition to those IPR players, we have a shortlist of 5 NFL players we want to buy, depending on how much we have left over from the IPRs. Look for another article soon about what I did with the cash.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Jockbrokers- it’s the next big thing in fantasy sports. Jockbrokers is a sports market where you can buy and sell shares in pro athletes and be paid based on their performance on the field. Traders enjoy payouts monthly, yearly, and when an athlete retires. For more detailed information, please check out the link here: or contact the helpful folks at

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