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From $100 to $1000 NFL IPR bid plan comes through

By on September 11, 2015

So last time I wrote, we had a warchest of $36.22, and a plan to aggressively attack the IPR’s. Today I’ll explain that plan, and how it went. While examining the IPR’s, I thought there were four players that would be undervalued, and would return a quick profit. Those four players were Lavonte David, Jordan Mathews, Travis Kelce, and Paul Worrilow. I feel each of these players has potential to earn $2.50+ in bonuses this year. I also would make “lowball” bids on players I thought might have a chance to be valued higher than they released at.

I went with bids of $7.52 on Lavonte David, $7.02 on Jordan Mathews,$ 5.01 on Travis Kelce, and $5.52 on Paul Worrilow. I was able to win one share of Kelce, and three shares of Worrilow at this level, which is good enough for me. I expect to see the value of these players to be at least 3x by the end of the year.

I also won one each of “undervalued” stocks of Allen Robinson at $2.02, Jarvis Landry at $1.02, Landon Collins at $1.02, and Alfred Blue at $.26. At these prices, any of these gentlemen could earn 2x returns. Our IPR’s gave us a great stable of football players to lead us into the season, and still left me with $10.24 to spend on players. Unfortuantely, that cash can no longer be used on two of my favorite stocks, Teddy Bridgewater, and Brandin Cooks that both sold for $10 while my money was tied up in IPR’s. This left me with two choices for my $10.24, invest pre-week one in a couple of my breakout candidates, or sit and wait and purchase a player who has an unexpected big game week one.

I have 6 targeted players at $10 or under, but I decided to give it a week, and see how some of the games play out. This is a risky play, as our players could get bought up between now and then, but I feel very good about our starting NFL proposition, and our chances of getting to $1000. Now we just need our big players to come through.

Our football portfolio looks like this:
6 Joseph Randle
3 Paul Worrilow
1 Alfred Blue
1 Kenny Britt
1 Randall Cobb
1 Landon Collins
1 Travis Kelce
1 Jarvis Landry
1 Allen Robinson

We still have a baseball portfolio that includes
5 Alex Wood
4 Jason Kipnis
3 Lucas Duda
3 Drew Hutchison
3 Ian Kinsler
3 Hunter Pence
3 Andrelton Simmons
2 Michael Brantley
2 Anthony Rendon
1 Jose Bautista
1 Corey Dickerson
1 Edwin Encarnacion
1 Manny Machado
1 Andrew Mccutchen

We have no basketball players as of yet, but that time is approaching as well. Join me next time to find out where the rest of my cash went.

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