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From 100 to 1000 #10 another big move

By on September 18, 2015

The tenth installment of my journey found me watching the week 1 early games, ready to pounce on one of “my” guys the minute they made a big play, or looked how I expected. Unfortunately, with only $10 to spend, I had to make the call on if I was going to pick up one player, many players, or wait even longer. Well, I decided to once again take a swing for the fences. Nothing heats up quite like a QB on the jockbrokers market, so we put all our pennies into one player- Tyrod Taylor at $2 a share. He was on our radar, along with Jordan Reed, Tyler Eifert, Chris Ivory, Justin Tuck, and Tavon Austin. Those were our “breakout” candidates, or undervalued plays. They unfortunately didn’t make it much easier on us, with all of them having decent games. However, I needed to get on the Taylor train before it left the station. He looks like he can play qb at the NFL level, and actually win games for his team. He didn’t do a “ton” in this game, but without him they would not have won. He managed the game great, did not turn the ball over, and made plays down the field. Their is no doubt in my mind this is a team that can win 10 games. If Taylor can do that, he is worth far more than the $2 a share he is selling for.

I am hoping to catch a few more of the guys on this list after September baseball payouts hit. Keep in mind seasonal payouts come out right after that, so we should be decently flush with cash.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Jockbrokers- it’s the next big thing in fantasy sports. Jockbrokers is a sports market where you can buy and sell shares in pro athletes and be paid based on their performance on the field. Traders enjoy payouts monthly, yearly, and when an athlete retires. For more detailed information, please check out the link here: or contact the helpful folks at

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