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One quick move #2

By on December 6, 2015

Last week I gave you a cheap basketball buy. This week, I have an expensive football player that is a HECK of a bargain. Lets take Carson Palmer- who is we can all be sure on the downside of his career. I consider Carson a LOCK to finish at the $40, or possibly even $50 hall of fame table. That means at his current sell price of $45 he isn’t a great deal right? Not so fast, because he just might earn a $10 seasonal bonus. At his current rate of production, he is going to earn $1 assuming a good game against the rams today on a 4 game bonus. His current pace puts him around $5 of a seasonal bonus. However, I think he is going to step that up a bit with David Johnson at running back, who I feel is a huge stud. Johnson is a huge bodied multi talented back. He will not only improve the Cardinals pass protection, but has the talent to take a two yard swing pass the distance. With this boost to the offense I think Palmer will earn a $7.50, or possibly even $10 bonus here down the stretch. If he never earns another bonus after the $5 I expect him to earn at the end of the year, he simply just pays back your price of ownership after retiring. However don’t forget he also gets to play in this offense again next year. This is a case of a guy going out in a perfect situation. I think he can have 2-3 more years of elite production in this offense. If that’s the case, we are talking about a potential $70 hall of famer, who could earn $20 in seasonal/monthly bonuses as his career winds down. That sounds like a bargain to me! Here is your chance for a low risk, high upside QB. Get it before someone else reads this article!

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