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From 100 to 1,000 #13 Can the NBA give me a chance?

By on January 5, 2016

So there was some very good, and some very bad with the NFL bonuses. First the good-

Ahead of bonuses being paid out, I sold Tailb for $12, as he wasn’t going to earn a bonus, and also sold Tavon Austin at a loss for $5 (loss of commission on both sides). I then also managed to sell my share of Allen Robinson for $20. This was a GREAT bargain for whoever bought it from me, because he earned a $10 bonus. This is absolutely an amazing price for someone that young earning a max bonus. However, I needed the cash to make a big move in basketball, and on a one year scale, this is exactly what I needed!

Then bonuses got paid out- both four game and seasonal. This is the bad. The only bonuses I earned were $2.50 for Andy Dalton, .75 for each of my two Landry shares, and $2.00+ 2.50 for each of my Cousins shares, making Cousins a fantastic buy at $2.95. Then immediately after bonuses, I turned around and sold both shares of him for $4.50. This left me with a warchest of 59.06. I also have the ability to move two Jason Kipnis shares at $2.00 each, to get me to $63 if needed. So I set my basketball budget at $60. With this 60 bucks, I don’t just need to acquire players that can skyrocket, I need to acquire players that will sell well at my auction at the end of basketball season- as well as earn me some good bonus money.

So i figured out the players who I thought were most likely to earn a max level bonus based on performance so far. Obviously, the first one is-

Stephen Curry-
Curry based on his current numbers is already paying out a SILLY- 718.516 seasonal points. But he is well out of our price range at $200, and obviously isn’t the best bargain for that price.

The next one that came to mind was Kevin Durant. Durant is selling for $60, so he has the star power we are looking for as, well as easily the potential to earn a huge bonus. However, he comes with a massive injury risk. Durant is way behind Curry, with a 205.666 number so far.

James Harden is the other guy I thought of, and he clearly has the skills being at a 241.459 bonus right now- But to be honest, I’m not sure i am willing to sell Kipnis for a guy I can’t stand like Harden.

Anthony Davis was another guy I thought of, as I love his upside, but $60 is way too much for him on a one year deal, I’d love to be getting him at $35, but not at all at 60.

Russell Westbrook also appears to be a guy who has an outside shot to “beat” the tables, and the market hasn’t really gotten behind him yet- but there is no one selling him, and I am too impatient for that.

So not being really sure where to go, I took a look at 3 other guys, and found my undervalued super star. Paul George- Currently at 191 points, and 29 bucks is a great deal. Andre Drummond with 199 points at 39 bucks who is also a threat to dominate the tables both short and long term both were thoughts here. But none of them came close to the value provided by jockbrokers most under-rated basketball player. Kawhi Leonard. What if I told you, he was highest in seasonal bonus behind Curry (who is again is amazingly silly) with 246 points. Not only that, he is still improving at age 24! There is some risk here, because he has never played a full season, but I am able to ease that risk some by being able to buy a bunch of his shares, way more than I would if I bought another player. I was able to keep Kipnis, pick up 3 shares of him at 14.23 per share- and be able to leave $15.08 in my war chest in case I see another purchase I want to make, or perhaps I just leave it if nothing shows up I want to buy.

Jockbrokers tells me my portfolio is now worth about $250 bucks- well short of the goal. However, I still think- perhaps foolishly that I can hit halfway to my goal of $1,000.

I hope you are enjoying my story traders!

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  1. Jockbrokers

    January 8, 2016 at 5:08 pm

    This is true Justin, but I hope to be better than that!

  2. Justin

    January 7, 2016 at 5:04 pm

    Still, even if you only end with $250, that is 2.5x what you started with, which is an amazing profit in just one year. Put that money to work ANYWHERE else and try to make that sort of profit.

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