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One quick move #4

By on January 17, 2016

So for pretty much all of my history recommending things at Jockbrokers, I have recommended BUYING things. That is because the market is so young, there are great deals left and right out there! However, today I am going to buck that trend and recommend not just one, but two wonderful sell orders (this whole ONE quick move thing doesn’t work as easy as I thought!)

First, we have one of the most disappointing players on the market. This is Jadeveon Clowney. I know Clowney was injured last year, and only played in 13 games this year. However, over the course of those 13 games, he contributed 4.5 sacks. Whitney Mercilus who looks like just a guy, managed 12 on the season, and two games with 3.5 sacks. Are you kidding me? Anyone who watched the Texans saw Watt getting mugged by 2,3, and sometimes even 4 guys. It was crazy. With that kind of attention a player of the pedigree of Clowney should have blown up. It simply didn’t happen. The fact that you can still get $10 for him is something you should jump on while you can, and cut your losses. This just goes to show you one play no matter how impressive doesn’t make the player. Be real with me- What have you seen Clowney do other than this? Is it possible he manages to turn it around? Sure. But do you really want to bet on a guy that has already had micro fracture surgery? Take the money and run.

Next your have one of my favorite players of all time Calvin Johnson. Megatron was one of the most dominating receivers in NFL history. Read- was. The way he has played has taken a toll on his body, and now he is considering retirement. There is currently a buy order on him for 119.90. In my opinion you would have to be CRAZY not to take it, that is even though I think he will play this year. If he does retire right now, Megatron is worth $70. If he does not, he needs 69 catches to be at the $100 level, which is obviously very possible. However, that is where I think it ends. To get to $150 he needs to stay above 15 YPR (this has been dropping rapidly) and also get 169 more catches or 26 more TD’s. Two years at his current rate of production wouldn’t put him there. Do you think that he can make it three more years when he is already considering retirement? Is it worth not just selling him now? Once more I would take the money and run. You are risking the gain of $30 at a potential cost of $50 if he does retire. This one is an absolute lock if I was a Calvin Johnson owner.

Good luck traders!

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