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From 100 to 1000 #14 The last ditch effort

By on February 2, 2016

The last few weeks have been awesome for my account. I was able to make some moves that I really did not expect. A couple savvy traders posted some buy orders for football on the cheap- Jarvis Landry for $5, Landon Collins for $2.10 and Paul Worrilow for $8. While I feel these prices are really low for the players of this caliber, I needed the cash to try to make a play at the awesome basketball IPR’s. I ended up getting what I felt were some amazing bargains with Jae Crowder at $2.01 and Okafor at $8.52. I was very pleased with both of these buys, especially Crowder who already paid out $.25 a share. Okafor is more of a “name” buy for me, a guy who I hope will bring people to the auction. I then sold a share of Edwin Encarnacion at $7, as I wanted to take a shot at getting Karl-Anthony Towns, but missed out. Just goes to show you how popular these basketball IPR’s were. I didn’t spend much time hanging my head about the miss though, picking up an under-rated Klay Thompson at $14, and a pair of incredibly undervalued Danilo Gallinari’s at $2. I earned a total of $4 in my monthly payout leaving me with a meager $5.42 in my warchest. I will need one of my athletes to sell before I make any other moves, so there may be some crazy prices out there soon as I try to move into the best position possible for the auction.

Speaking of the auction, lets take a look at where we are at. As it stands, my portfolio page says I am worth an estimated 273.92. That is obviously just based on the “last trade” value of the guys, so it isn’t the end all be all of value, but it is probably close, because while Okafor isn’t worth “$0” Joseph Randle isn’t worth $3. I feel like i have some “big draws” in every sport for when the portfolio goes to auction- Andrew Mccutchen, and Jose Bautista in baseball. Dalton, Warrilow, and Landry in football, Leonard, Thompson, Hayward, and Okafor in basketball. Will i hit $500? Gosh that seems impossible, but heck I think $300 is well within my sights, and if Leonard can get back to his earlier season form, he may earn me $30 on his own!

We will see you next time.

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  6. Justin

    February 2, 2016 at 10:43 pm

    For some reason McCutchen and Leonard don’t seem to get the love they deserve. While I think you have built an outstanding portfolio some of them have not had time to prove you right. The values on players like these and Klay, Okafor, and others may not drive your final auction as well as you hope. For some reason others don’t have the same valuation on many of what I consider to be your best investments.

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