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Special February NBA bonus announcement

By on March 1, 2016

Most of my articles are simply me writing about the market. They are typically very positive articles, because honestly I love Jockbrokers, and I am usually very excited about what is out there on the market. I spend more time on Jockbrokers than any other site on the internet. However, I am not an employee of Jockbrokers I’m just a trader trying to share my ideas and spread the word about my favorite way to enjoy sports. The folks at Jockbrokers allow me free reign to do pretty much what I want on here. Every once in a while, they do something that proves to me why I should spend my time doing this.

Check this out: February always SUCKS right? Only basketball is going on, and the month is short, so you almost never get any bonuses. Some of you might have noticed last year a little extra cash in your pocket during February. That is because they were testing the theory of adding 10% to the monthly scores of each NBA athlete in the month of Feb. After looking it over, and seeing how it would make Feb. line up with other months in terms of NBA payouts, they have decided to add this 10% to the scores each NBA athlete permanently for this shortened month. That’s right folks, February is now just as good as any other month. They did this for no other reason than they want their market to be fair each month. What other company treats you this good? Seriously. Here is what the change means for you (and them)

The following players earned a .25 bonus due to this change, otherwise they would have earned nothing:

LaMarcus Aldridge
Darren Collison
DeMarcus Cousins
Gorgui Dieng
Andre Drummond
Pau Gasol
DeAndre Jordan
Robin Lopez
Chandler Parsons
Jonas Valanciunas
Marvin Williams
Jae Crowder 
Karl-Anthony Towns

13 guys that would have earned nothing for their owners, now paid out .25 a share.

Not only that, the following gentlemen doubled their bonuses earned from .25 to .50.

James Harden
Chris Paul
Russell Westbrook

3 more payouts for the guys at jockbrokers.

Finally, no list of anything in the NBA is complete without Stephen Curry. Curry moved from a $1 payout to 1.50 a share.

17 total players improved because of this change. 28 players paid out total this month. What other company is going to do this for you? Think about it. This may only put a buck or two in your pocket, but Jockbrokers is doing this for every share of their players. They have literally decided to give their traders thousands of dollars, just to make sure they are playing fair. Personally, I am going to do everything I can to make sure everyone knows how great company this is, and I hope you out there do the same. If you have any of these players, the best “thank you” you can give the people at Jockbrokers is to tell your friends all about it.

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  1. Justin

    March 1, 2016 at 5:35 pm

    Those increases might not seem like much per unit but they add up to be a very significant amount. I think that most companies would have just used the excuse, “it is the Calendar, we cannot change that”, and moved on.

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