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Baseball 2016 IPR list is here!

By on March 7, 2016

We have had some traders request clarification regarding our procedure and methodology involving the IPR process. On each IPR profile page there is a Supply amount listed for the athlete. This is a guaranteed maximum amount that will EVER be in the market but some were not aware that this is not a minimum or fixed amount. There are a few things that might reduce the Supply in the market but regarding the IPR process we only set a fraction of the total to be sold, which is referred to as the float.

The #1 reason is that the IPR bidding process was set up as a way to introduce the athlete in the market without Jockbrokers setting the introductory price but it is only a sample to get the market moving on that athlete. This is our way of establishing a “market value” by those that bid highest in the auction then start to resell them in the open market. Our intention was to add the remaining cards to the market periodically as the market grew either at retail or by selling blocks of them in open auctions. Unfortunately the market has not grown enough yet to require more cards of any athletes to be added, which is why you have not seen these things implemented. We attempt to balance the overall demand and liquidity in the market while giving our traders the variety they desire. The reason we need a larger supply than is originally introduced through the IPR process is to have the potential for overall market growth. Most traders like to buy and hold their cards for long periods, which has the potential to stagnate the market for a particular athlete, especially as demand rises due to a sheer increase in traders. This is also a protection of sorts for those traders that are bidding at fair market value in the IPR auctions. If those bidders were to buy at $20 and others were able to buy at $1 it would set off a chain reaction that would eventually crash the entire market. Since we are dead set against setting price in the market we feel that the current IPR process is lucrative for the traders, fair, working well, and providing a competitive marketplace.

In the past we have set the release amount based on what we felt the popularity of the athlete would be to ensure that their were enough in the float to initiate trading in the open market. With the 2016 release of baseball players we have decided to set a flat amount and make that number public when publishing the list on the blog. We feel that in the past since some might have had a float as high as 70 and others were as low as 20 that some surprisingly low prices were found in the IPRs compared to those that were more scarce. Again, that is why we are going to set the number on future releases based on the liquidity in the market and the number of athletes being released at that time.

We are also going to set maximums per bidder for the IPRs so that there are better distribution of the cards available. Traders will be limited to bidding on no more than 10 cards of a single athlete in the IPR auction. Market Makers will have the ability to bid up to 20 cards per athlete.

The float for the 2016’s baseball IPRs will be set at 30 cards for each athlete. If you have any questions or concerns please contact customer service.

Here is the list of athletes being released. The date is not set yet but it will be no earlier than March 22nd we expect that we will have them completed before the end of the month. We will very likely run 5-6 per day this time.

Nolan Arenado
Dellin Betances
Mookie Betts
Zach Britton
Kris Bryant
Carlos Carrasco
Rusney Castillo
Gerrit Cole
Carlos Correa
Brandon Crawford
Wade Davis
Jacob DeGrom
Adam Eaton
Jeurys Familia
Logan Forsythe
Dee Gordon
Andrew Heaney
Ender Inciarte
Kevin Kiermaier
Francisco Lindor
Carlos Martinez
Collin McHugh
Mark Melancon
Roberto Osuna
Kevin Pillar
AJ Pollock
Hector Rondon
Danny Salazar
Kyle Schwarber

Jung-Ho Kang might be added depending on his injury status. As always all athletes on this list are subject to their health and playing status.

Check the blog for analysis of the players if I have time!

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