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By on March 18, 2016

It finally happened today! One of the more recent plans I had come up with was to stockpile as much in the form of cash assets as possible before my final portfolio auction. Well, with my sale of Andy Dalton, I am ahead of where I started in terms of cash assets. The players I sold were as follows:

Danilo Gallinari 3.00
Tobias Harris 4.99
2 Kawhi Leonard 20.25
Corey Dickerson 1.75
Andy Dalton 14.00

This has left me with $103.83 in liquid assets. Unfortunately for me, I don’t peg my portfolio at much higher than $150 in assets. I am guessing I have a few decent payouts coming, but I didn’t hit the lottery on Reggie Jackson like I was hoping so it looks like we will fall well short of my adjusted goal of $500. If I am right and my portfolio is worth $150 still I made 2.5x my money in one year. That is quite awesome but isn’t nearly what I wanted to do.

If I had more time, I would certainly be re-investing in baseball IPR’s, but without the time for those to mature into a solid market, it is rather pointless to make bids since I will be ending the challenge immediately after the NBA season.

There are a couple of guys I have my eyes on in the NBA market though for a “quick flip” still, so keep your eyes peeled for what may be the last entry before the final auction announcement!

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