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One Quick Move 4-3

By on April 3, 2016

This is a special opening day version of “one quick move” In this, I will be giving you my top 3 baseball moves for the moment.

First- Nelson Cruz. I know this guy is old, and he was on roids. Whatever. Either way you look at it, he has earned massive amounts of bonuses over the last few years including a $1.50 end of season bonus last year. He also paired that with $2.75 in monthly bonuses. Nothing has changed in his situation, and he is selling for 8 bucks. He earned more than half of that last year. Are you freaking kidding me? We are talking about a guy that could earn that much in seasonal and monthly bonuses alone.

Second- Jose Bautista. Full disclosure- I am selling my one share from the blog account, but only because I want to cash it out before the auction. However, both shares at 9 and 10 bucks are SILLY low. I know Bautista has trouble staying healthy. I get it. I really do. But the dude paid out a $7.50 bonus last year, in addition to his monthlies which totaled $2.25. Assuming he can have another healthy year in a loaded Blue Jay’s lineup there is no reason to see much different from him. He literally paid out .75 cents more than the first sale listed on JB, and .25 cents less than the second share up. This is crazy low!

Finally- Edwin Encarnacion. Yep, another player from the Blue Jays. This stacked lineup is going to produce a ton of money this year is my opinion. Last year, Edwin earned a $5 seasonal bonus, as well as one of the greatest months in the baseball season, earning a $2 monthly bonus. He also paid out a couple other monthly bonuses for a total of $7.75 in payouts last year. This for a guy who is selling at $14 a share. Honestly, I can probably make the argument Tulo and Donaldson are undervalued in this lineup as well, but I think Edwin and Jose are more drastically undervalued.

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