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By on August 25, 2016

Dealing with the hassles of Position Eligibility are just one of the things that makes trading at Jockbrokers superior to Fantasy Sports. As you know, there are no lineups to bother with and for the most part positions do not matter. Unfortunately, we are not completely immune from this burden, especially in football where the categories of statistics and the volume of each are different from one position to the next. In an effort to be as fair as possible we track many players that line up at new positions each year and we have identified 4 players we think a change in their Jockbrokers profile position is necessary.

NOTE: We will NEVER change a HOF position after an athlete is released but the monthly and annual tables need to reflect the current position of the athlete. When an athlete has a position change listed in their profile it will be listed like this: Current POS/HOF POS so that the first abbreviation you see on the profile is the position for the monthly and season bonuses and the second abbreviation is for their permanent HOF position.

Here are the position changes that we have flagged.

1) Jimmy Graham – When he was younger he played more WR than TE but now that he on a new team and older he is lining up at TE most of the time. His new position is listed as TE/WR. Do not forget that he is still a WR for Hall of Fame (HOF) qualification.

2) Kam Chancellor – He was mistakenly put into the system at CB because that is what was listed on his sports card. However, we all know he is actually a safety so moving forward he will be listed as S/CB. He will still be awarded the CB bonus for the HOF table and that will not change.

3) Dexter McCluster – He has been an RB and WR over his career but it looks like he will be primarily an RB moving forward. The two positions are pretty much the same but as a receiver he would not get points for his YPC and since he probably will not get 40 receptions he wouldn’t qualify for YPC as a receiver. He will be listed as RB/WR.

4) Terrelle Pryor – He is playing WR in Cleveland now and had it not been for the reinstatement of Josh Gordon he might have made a big impact. He was listed as a QB and those stats are much different from his new position as a WR. His HOF position is locked in as QB and we cannot change that, so considering that when valuing Pryor but for the monthly and season bonuses he will be a WR. His new position is listed as WR/QB.

If anyone feels that we missed any that should have been changed in any sport please contact customer service at and we will ad them to the list of athletes we track annually.

Thanks and Happy Trading.

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