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IPR Strategies 3rd Place

By on April 20, 2017

My strategy is a simple one.  I have identified areas of weakness in the Hall of Fame Buy Backs and Annual Bonuses and I look for guys that exploit those areas.  In baseball I focus on hitters who have positive dWAR and that do not strike out much.  Of course I want the big HR hitters but if they have the potential to strike out 150 times or they have a dWAR of -1 or worse I ignore them.  When buying pitchers I look for low ERA/WHIP.  I also focus on players with long term contracts with good teams or that I think will be on the same good team for many years.  Similar methods can be used in NBA with TS% or looking for guys that don’t get a lot of flags in the NFL.

When I get to the valuation stage I look for similar players in history then enter their stats into the HOF calculator then divide that number by 3.  Sometimes I will adjust a little depending on how badly I want the athlete but that seems like a good rule and I have only had one time that I didn’t win a bid.  I have 92% of my portfolio that has been in the market for at least one season is in the green.

Things we liked about this one:

  1. It is easy to understand.
  2. It can be duplicated by any user with the information provided.

Things we felt were lacking:

  1. It is not precise enough
  2. While there is a lot of weight put on the categories mentioned they cannot stand alone and some athletes are just so good that they overcome these deficiencies.

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