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IPR Strategies 2nd Place

By on April 20, 2017

Simple is not always stupid.  Time is money and I might not save the pennies that others do I’m doing pretty well at Jockbrokers.

I keep records for players that I missed before or that I got a partial fill and a list of those that I have won outright.  It has also been extremely helpful in watching the average bids you guys are posting after the release on social media.  What I did in the past was look for guys that were similar and bid the same if I got an outright win.  If I got a partial fill I would add 20% to the old price.  If I missed on the similar player I double my bid on the new guy.

Now that I see these average bids when I can find a similar guy I just double the average and I have not missed one like that yet.  Maybe you think I am overpaying but I’m not spending hours trying to save pennies and in the long run I’m making plenty of money as you can see by looking into my account.

Things that we liked about this one:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Effective – We can vouch for the high winning percentage.  We do not track this but if this is not the highest it would have to be close to #1.
  3. There are lots of great values in the market and time is not unlimited so by saving time on IPR assessment we feel that those using this type of strategy have an edge to take advantage of other opportunities in the market.

Things we feel were lacking:

  1. No attempt at precision – saving pennies can add up -Many bids are the top or top 10%.  Anyone can guarantee a win if they bid enough.
  2. This might work now but if everyone did it the prices would adjust over time.
  3. This trader has made a profit but may not realize that the profit total nor the profit percentage are anywhere near the best in the market so far.

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