We would first like to announce our current bonuses that we are paying:

  1. Deposit Bonus - We currently offer a 20% deposit bonus to all new customers on their first deposit.. You can fund your account with as little as $50. Maximum bonus is $9999. Funds are not restricted within the market but cannot be cashed out for 12 months. This bonus ends soon.
  2. Performance Bonuses - These are paid monthly and at the end of a sport's season. They vary based on the performance level of the athlete. You can view an example of these here. These bonuses will always exist at Jockbrokers but may change from year to year.
  3. Referral Bonus - When you make your first deposit you are sent a referral code. Give this to others and when they sign up and use the code you are paid 20% of their deposit. This does not reduce the deposit amount that is paid from Jockbrokers. Some restrictions to reduce our risk of fraud apply of course. This bonus will be reduced to 10% soon, so take advantage of it while it is doubled. 

As with any business, Jockbrokers has a cost of doing business and for that reason we charge a small commission on trades in our market. As we grow and get more advertising revenue we may be able to reduce this amount but we promise that it will never be higher than 3% at Here is a complete list of all commissions and fees that might be expected to be associated with trading at Jockbrokers.

Deposit Fee: NONE
Withdraw Fee: Up to 2 free per calendar month. There is a $5 fee for each additional withdraw in a month.
Account Maintenance Fee: NONE
Credit Card Usage Fee: NONE. Your CC info is never recorded or held at Jockbrokers. We use a secure payment gateway called
Trade commission: 3%
New Release commission: NONE. Unfortunately we are forced to charge sales tax on winning bids by Illinois residents.
Bulk Portfolio Auction: 3%
Shipping of cards: Only applicable if a trader wishes to take physical possession. We do not upcharge, the rate will vary based on the method of delivery and location.
Insurance on Shipping: We strongly suggest insurance through the delivery company but there is no Jockbrokers charge for this. You may opt out of this, but if you do Jockbrokers does not guarantee condition of your package.
Handling Fee: Only applicable if a trader wishes to take physical possession. Minimum of $5, rarely will the charge be more than $5 but can be slightly higher based on the volume.
Storage Fee: NONE
In House Insurance Fee: NONE

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