• I live outside the US. Can I trade in the Jockbrokers market?
  • Yes. The only difference would apply to the shipping cost if you decide to have your cards shipped to you. Since most people will never take possession of the cards in their portfolio, this may never apply to you.

  • So if I deposited $100 would it be listed as $120 due to the deposit bonus?
  • Your account is broken into several parts. You would have $100 listed as "original deposit" and you would have $20 listed as "non-mature bonus" and $120 listed as Total Available Funds. Your Total can be used in the market but your non-mature bonus is subtracted from the total if you request any form of cash out that would drop your total below $120.

  • Why even use the sports cards?
  • Each athlete in the market is represented by the rookie card that is on their profile page. We use the sports cards as the trading instrument so that users are confident that what they are trading has value inside as well as outside our market. The sports cards also carry a license with them that makes this market legal, otherwise we would be trading derivatives or futures contracts like some competitors, which would surely be classified as sports gambling. Our asset-based model is similar to ebay but you simply never have to ship or even take possession of the physical cards unless you want to. Based on the values that the cards have in our market compared to ebay, it is unlikely that most traders will want to take possession of them.

  • I have a black bar where the ticker should be. Why isn't there anything there?
  • Your ticker is set up in your preferences to show what is in your watchlist by default. Since you do not have anything in your watchlist yet nothing displays. Add athletes to the watchlist or change your preferences and the ticker will start immediately.

  • What sports will be traded in the Jockbrokers market?
  • All major sports will be traded in the market. We will start with MLB in early March. We will mix in a couple of NFL QBs in March too. We will introduce more NFL players in August/September 2013 then NBA. After that we will add new sports as the market grows but eventually we will trade NHL, PGA, NASCAR, and others.

  • When you want to cash out, how does that work?
  • The first step is that we verify your identity. Then we do a security/fraud check. This takes no more than 48 hours. After that we guarantee to have your cards or a check postmarked within 5 business days.

  • How are the prices set?
  • Jockbrokers NEVER sets the price. The price you pay is based on the demand in the market. For instance, a player like Tiger Woods, who is a proven star, would obviously be higher than some unknown rookie. However, you always have to consider that the risk involved with Tiger is much lower than with an unknown player. Jockbrokers is a "free market", you just have to make better decisions than the other person.

  • I took advantage of a deposit bonus. Can I cash out?
  • Yes, you can cash out anything that is not part of the deposit promotion without restriction. You may also cash out any portion of the amount restricted by the promotion but you would lose the bonus that was applied to your account.

  • How do I bid on a New Release?
  • Go to the New Release page and find the athlete that you want to bid on. Click the name or image of the athlete and you will be taken to their profile. On that page you will see one of three things. Either "Date not set" or "Bidding Opens" on a certain time/date. If the bidding is open for this athlete you will see a blue button that says "Bid Now". Click that button and enter the quantity and price that you want then click the button that says, "Place Bid". It is that easy.

  • Can I sell cards I have at home in the Jockbrokers market?
  • No, Jockbrokers is a closed market. Only cards originally purchased from Jockbrokers can be sold there. This is how we are able to guarantee the limited supply of each card in the market.

  • Can I trade a sport that is not currently in season or that is on strike?
  • Yes, Jockbrokers is a free market. This is one of the great things about Jockbrokers vs. Fantasy Sports.

  • What does it mean when I have restricted funds in my account?
  • This means that you have pending buy orders open so that money is possibly spoken for if the orders are filled. Click the Pending Orders heading for details on your open buy and sell orders.

  • If I take possession of my cards can I earn HOF buy backs or other bonuses?
  • No, once cards are taken out of the market you are no longer eligible for any promotions or bonuses on those cards.

  • How long will it take me to get my cards after I request to have them sent to me?
  • We will first verify that there has been no fraud in your account, which will generally take less than 2 business days. Then we will send the request to the inventory department who will have your cards in the mail in 5 business days or less.

  • Can I trade injured athletes?
  • Yes, we expect all Jockbrokers customers to educate themselves. In some extreme cases Jockbrokers management might suspend trading of an athlete until updates are clear.

  • What happens if an athlete comes out of retirement?
  • As long as you still own the cards and they are held in your Jockbrokers account you can enjoy any bonuses they earn. You can always trade retired players in the market but the demand may be very low.

  • Is Jockbrokers a "Zero Sum" game?
  • First of all, Jockbrokers is a marketplace, not a game. Secondly, NO, Jockbrokers is a "Free Market". NOTE: The term "Zero Sum Game" would indicate that the total value of all athletes results in the same number at all times. That when one athlete increases in value another must lose value to make the total equal what it was before the increase.

  • How long have you guys been working on this?
  • The original model was conceived and tested from 2002-2004 but the current patent pending model we have been working with since 2007.

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