Jockbrokers is the next evolution of fantasy sports and a legal alternative for sports wagering.

Jockbrokers provides a patented investment platform for our users to trade shares of professional athletes. While this is a new concept and may sound complicated it is much simplified in comparison to trading company stocks. We have extensive tutorials, FAQ, and our users are always welcome to contact our US-based customer service if you still have questions.

Unlike fantasy sports or similar market concepts all investments in athletes at Jockbrokers are individual and asset-based.

Unlike sports wagering, investments at Jockbrokers are legal in all 50 states. We are an Illinois-based LLC that can take your major credit cards and all funds are held in banks in the US.

Unlike the sports card industry, Jockbrokers announces and limits the supply in our market so you never have to worry about over-saturation, reprinting, or other supply side issues that might effect demand and price. Jockbrokers users enjoy ultimate liquidity in comparison to alternatives, especially to the traditional sports card trading market. For example, try going into your local sports card store or Ebay and selling your collection for anything near what you thought it was worth.

Unlike the financial markets in the US, Jockbrokers customers have far fewer variables to deal with and no manipulation of the market. Sports are far more transparent than businesses and many more people speak the language of sports, making our market more enjoyable and accessible. In addition, Jockbrokers does not and will not allow automated trading, which is rampant in financial markets. This sort of trading disadvantages those that do not have access to those tools and it can create deeper, faster dips while also reducing the peaks that a particular stock might see. Beyond that, our software is much more secure because we do not allow these interactions making any tampering obvious so that our security team can respond faster.

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